We produce documentaries and short films that seek to drive awareness around the social and environmental challenges of our time and facilitate positive change.

Our Story

Our Story

Page through the history books and you will see countless examples of the impact ignorance can have on the decision-making process.

Today, the human race has never had more influence than it does right now. Both influence to change things for better, and for worse.

We produce educational documentaries and short films with the purpose of helping each of us to make more informed decisions and stimulating conversations that drive positive change. Our non-fictional pieces are designed to help break the patterns of the past and harness the power we have now to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

The topics we cover centre around today’s social and environmental challenges. We partner with non-government organisations, government departments and changemakers to create topical content that brings these into the spotlight.

Behind The Lense

Growing up, Gerrit was engrossed by nature programmes that left him dreaming of being in the thick of the action one day too. The behind the scenes segments intrigued him and, through the eyes of a young child, it looked like the most incredible thing to do.

However, the idea of becoming a wildlife filmmaker took a back seat and he ended up working in construction. Fast-forward a few years and in his mid-twenties, the curiosity and love for the natural world finally led him to pursue his passion for photography and eventually filmmaking.

His years spent in the construction industry left a lasting impact though. During this time, he worked with the richest to the poorest. He also witnessed people struggling and dying due to the ignorance of man. Gerrit saw first-hand how ignorance leads to the destruction of many individuals, families, and society as a whole. He couldn’t comprehend why so many have to struggle due to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

These realisations now compel him to make films that both educate and raise awareness of social and environmental challenges. His hope is that these films will inspire future generations to take better care of the natural environment and those that live within it.

He currently lives in the Western Cape of South Africa with his wife, two young kids, and two dogs.