Walkway leading from Malachite Bird Hide, Wilderness, South Africa


The Story Search Project is, in essence, a research and networking project.

It is about getting to the heart of the environmental and social sciences in order to find stories that make a difference.

This project currently forms the backbone for the future of Eden Sky Productions.


From January 2019, we have shifted our focus to producing documentaries and short films that seek to drive awareness around the environmental and social challenges of our time in order to facilitate positive change.

Early on, we realised that it is essential to get partners on board that share the same passion to inspire others to take better care of society and our surroundings.

We are now in the process of finding those partners.

Project Objectives

  • Finding partners in storytelling
  • Finding stories that inspire


Internal Funding

This project is currently funded through profits made from commissioned projects.

As the project matures, we will source external funding to upscale operations.


Ongoing since January 2019

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